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(Samples of work from Freelance and School projects)

Jahnie Kosmos (2016)

A clip from "Serengeti-Mara Trails" an educational video on the effects of poaching African Wildlife.

Prome-Prome (2015)

My senior animation film from the Animation BFA program; a story told by setting and character design rather than dailouge.

Animated in Adobe Flash with some art assets in Photoshop

It Came From Back Bay (2014)

Over the progress of a single semester, this short animation was done for the Computer Animation class at LUCAD. Made and animated with Autodesk Maya as well as my own salty tears.

TeaLC (2014)

A short class project focusing on recoding and editing our own sound with our animations. Done in Flash and Photoshop.

Game Poduction II Reel (2014)

Constructed in Autodesk Maya is a prototype model of Deputy "Bo" Boeman Bowlfly and the little desert town he must protect.

In Class Animation (2014-2015)

Snippits from various in-class and homework assignments

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