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An American kid (now a twenty something year old) with Azorean ancestry who grew up in the Greater Boston Area.

(My hair is not always this nice)

About Me...

I see myself as a story enthusiast at the core who started picking up pencils, pens, and paints as a part of a larger branching path of interest: which includes books, videogames, animation, comics, etc.

As a storyteller I’d like to be able to tell my stories well...

Because stories done well stick:

like a memory of a smell,

or a song in your heart,

or a chilling reminder

(like a project deadline) 

in our minds.

Good stories can last a lifetime and can help shape us into the people we want to be. 

And stories with pictures just make it all even better!

To draw on and draw out of the heart.

That sounds like a nice way of putting it.

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